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Our GP Sport series saddles are designed with commuters, e-bikers as well as amateur-level mountain and road riders in mind, featuring all-day comfort at a competitive price. The flat shape allows the rider to move about freely on the saddle, and the broadened nose makes controlling the bike with your hips and legs easier. So we implore you to take in the view, enjoy the experience, concentrate on what’s in front of you, and feel this saddle disappear beneath you.

Cash is king

The GP sport uses the same tried and true design as our GP series saddles, but comes in at a price that won’t break the bank. Some high-end saddles finishing material can fade, discolor or look worn after several seasons of use. Our Sport series is designed to stay looking like new after miles and years of riding. The longevity of the saddle comes from our use of a PU cover and PU foam to help keep the money in your pocket and you on the road or trail.

Keep it flat

Flat saddles have been a mainstay in the pelotons for ages and the GP fits the mold. It is a pure race saddle and is flat from nose to tail to give you the ability to move around effortlessly while still putting down the power.

Anatomically designed channel

An ever so slight channel, in the perennial region, provides just enough relief during those all-out efforts, yet doesn’t diminish the flat design of the saddle.

Just the right length

Fight the fad! The trend in the industry is short saddles, however, that eliminates multiple riding positions. You wouldn’t bring flat bars to a road race, just like you wouldn’t want to eliminate the ability to move forwards and backward on the saddle depending on the riding situation.

A shell that is soft, but not too soft

Getting the shell of the saddle just right is crucial; a that flexes too much will cause your saddle to wear out prematurely or break, too-stiff, and it will be a very rough ride and cause undesirable pressure issues in some positions. The GP shell is light enough for a World Tour road race, yet strong enough to win the World Cup DH overall title.

Riding Posture: Aggressive/Race

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Suggested Discipline

Cross Country, Cyclocross, Downhill, Mountain Bike, Road, Sport Series



Cover Material


Padding Material

PU foam

Shell Material

Nylon + Fiberglass

Channel Depth



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